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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I am a Super Villian in my Phony Pony

So I thought today I would go down and dirty and fight off the power of good.
Since I am a villianess I took my trusty steed off into the vast unknown and did a pose hunt.. ( Pro Poser Hunt )

I was impressed of all the creative things people created but disappointed in how their was more "couple " related poses then normal solo poses.
But maybe that is just me?

My trusty steed was part of the hunt a created by the lovely Adorkable ( I previously have bought from her and is very impressed indeed. )

There is 3 different " Phony P
ony " poses to choose from.
  • Giddy-up
  • Yeehaw!
  • Wild Bronco
They all make me squee with joy.

Pose Card:

All poses by Adorkable

Style Card:
( so much )

Corset- +DV8+ ( Bellringer )
Cuffs- Retox! ( wrapped cuffs )
Gloves- Retox! ( worn gloves )
Necklace- +DV8+
Garters- +DV8+ ( Bellringer )
Nipple Tape- By a Muddy Zarco
Skirt- SU!
Makeup- ABOMB
Eyes- Beauty Killer
Hair- Magika

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