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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I walk the streets..in my +DV8+ wear

So this is what I have been reduced to..walking in the streets to get my Lindens to supply for my wedding.

Least I am wearing my new +DV8+ wear in the process.

I admit I fell in love with the new "Eterna Stilettos", they are practically flawless by design which is saying alot specially since I am very picky about shoes. These shoes have a scripted color change for the feet so you can change them to match your skin color and even your nail color as well..
Pretty sweet.

This outfit is called " Tokyo 2081 " and it provides flowing arm sleeves ( which makes you feel like your flying a bit ), long stockings ( which cuts off when I put the shoes on) and a mini skirt in which you might have to edit the prim part a bit to fit into it right.

Zooming into my beautiful face you see I am covering my face, for the fact that as a working girl you might need some coverage.
This Tyrant Mask provides a stylish cyber punk way to stay safe, also customizable in many fashions...as you can tell form the varieties of colors.

To finish off this look I put a Bellringer Corset over the top of this outfit, so I can stay snug like a bug, but also in a sexy latex way which makes this outfit sexy and wearable..

Lets make our money girls...and guys...maybe guys...if your into that.

Style Card:

Poses by: Posies and Glitterati

Corset: +DV8+
Shoes: +DV8+
Mask: +DV8+
Bracelet: +DV8+
Hair: Magika
Skin: Mango, Mango

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