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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I stepped on a flapping thingy...RK and ++BB++ Review

While I was exploring the new world of the black and white I noticed I stepped on something.
It wasn't till I inspected it that I realized what it was and notice the sad look upon this face.
I stepped on a bird.

These are the shoes you missed out on when the 25L Tuesday came about from
Do you want to step on a flappy thing?

Well..I didn't but when I received these shoes..Karma be as Karma does.
They came in 4 colors: White, Green, Purple and Brown
Not to mention they come with a greyish/greenish/brownish/purplish legwarmers.See this sad face?
How could I not notice that birdy..even
ReturnedKarma's " Letting out the Happy" mouth balloons couldn't cheer me up...and I LOVE balloons.

Comes in 4 colors/ 2 styles.
Purple Heart/Green Balloon/Pink Heart/Red Balloon
They were also part of the 25L Tuesday.
Don't you wish you got them?

I cannot forget to mention while I was out in the black and white world I was wearing this super fabulous outfit by
+++BLUEBLOOD+++ called " Tisiana ".
Like all of her dresses they are super cute Lolita style and work well in other fashions as well..By the end of the day the skirt was off and I was walking around half naked. ( which works as well )

The dress comes in many fashionable ways to wear it
Including: 3 different skirts, 2 different puffy sleeves to wear, Lots o' Layers
Endless Possibilities

But thats not all!
It comes in varies of colors : Black, Pink, Purple, Red and Teal

Style Card:
( From my memory )

Dress Set-
Shoes: ReturnedKarma
Balloons: ReturnedKarma
Hair: Magika ( Dolly Style )
Skin: Mango, Mango
Necklace: Bad Juju ( morbid collar )

All poses by Still Life