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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adele by +++BLUEBLOOD+++

I burn like the flames of 1000 trees.

I meant to put this in my blog sooner, but my little trip to the hospital didnt help, my hand still smells like the rubber gloves.

Anyways this is the new release by +++BLUEBLOOD+++ called " Adele ", I am wearing it in teal and you can't tell but I wanted to throw in a bunch of teal items to make this look crazy.
Not only does Adele look fantastic but you can put it in different combinations whether you like to wear it solo ( in the picture ) or the full outfit which includes prim-med cuff poofs and shoulder poofs.
It comes in colors:

I am sure the white versions will come out very soon.

Style Card

Hair- Rotten Toe
Bangles- Bad Juju
Outfit- BlueBlood
Necklace- Bad Juju
Skin- Frick

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