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Monday, March 21, 2011

Posies ANTM Poses for 1L

I love posing.
I do it in the mirror, in pictures I am a complete picture whore.

So when Posies came out with group gift based poses I was thrilled and for the first time I decided to join the group despite the lindens it took to get into the group ( 200L ) and I got this pose pack for 1L.
The Posies group is a wonderful thing indeed, it provides you with different full set pose packs and other goodies for YOU..just you.
Who doesn't like gifts?

Anyways not to lose track of what I was saying since I do it often..
This pose pack is called " America's Next Top Model 16 The Makeovers ", it has many more poses than what is shown above, and it comes in variety of different ways. ( Tall, Short etc. )

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