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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Story time: My little Bird

I have a story, one about the first someone in my life.
He was easy to get along with not like the other boys.
In fact he was a little sparrow, just like me he was tiny and had no one to talk to.
He didn't want much but to play and sing me songs, and every spring you wouldn't believe it if I told you, but he waited for me and I waited for him in the same orchard tree every time. He was always there, and became my best friend.

" Want to know a secret Sparrow?" I use to tell him as he perched on top of my head.
"You are my best friend and I love you."
Sparrow would chirp and flap his colored wings. In my head it was approval, I never knew if he could understand my words.
Days, months, years gone by and after high school came to a closed chapter in my life, I moved away to an on campus college, and this time when spring came around I couldn't go see my fellow Sparrow.
Spring break swiftly arrived and I was able to go home, I sat there at that tree hoping he would arrive, to my dismay he never showed up.

It has been a few years now..each year I go back to that tree where I met the Sparrow...
" I'm all grown up now Sparrow" I called out into the ocean breeze.
I don't think I look the same, but would you remember me anyways?
I will always love you, my best friend.

I hope you enjoyed my story time this is the new pack by {PHRESH} called " I gotta birdie". 4 different poses ( 3 shown ) and a little prim bird for each pose.

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