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Friday, March 25, 2011

Skin Jeans

So I am sitting here, chilling, thinking about how comfortable my POUT denim shorts are about as comfortable as well...this bed on water..
These shorts come in varies of colors tobacco, tan, black, brown and of course denim.
According to the notecard received I am guessing that all of these colors are for 120L sold in a fatpack, which is a big weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for all you short lovers.

I also want to rave about this new skin I recieved by JeSyLiLO, not only is the facial features striking but I love how everything is so beautifully shaded and finished off quite nice, what made this skin different from the rest is the eyebrows, not only are they bold but they make a statement " Dont fuck with me...please " and that is perfect.
I didnt think much about the hair color matching the eyebrows...it isnt my style, I just put on what makes her face pop.
I think it came together quite nicely.

Here is an unedited view:

Hair by Magika
Skin by JeSyLiLO
Shirt by H.E.D
Shorts by POUT
Scarf by Blackstar ( Only sells through Xstreet )
Shoes by H.E.D
Bracelets by [Acide!]
Nailpolish by RezIpsa Loc
Eyes by Negaposi

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