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Friday, April 1, 2011

Flying Girl

If your reading this, I am alive.
I have a bajillion new productions..I am happy that your worried though.
This was gonna be a blog about skin but the pictures wouldnt justify the beauty of the skin, so I decided to continue on with my second plan and make this about the *B.D.R* hair that I have been talking about in my other post with Glance International.

These are just some other photos that I loved from the set I took, and I love hair in general the curls, wave, the bounce and the way it looks when you swing on swings...Lol ( I don't think it is a fair characteristic but whatever ). Beatrice comes in lots and lots of different colors around 10 or so and their is also another new hair called "Melisa" which my avatar is currently wearing inworld, and will be featured in another blog upcoming.

Anyways this is just a blog to make sure you know I am alive and that I am working hard on lots of new blog posts for you guys.

Hair by*B.D.R* Beatrice in Brown Shade

Skin By JeSyLiLO “Jiao” in Matte Tan

Dress by Narwhal ” Super Great” (dress from a benefit )

Shoes by A-BOMB

Leg Warmers by Grunge Inkorporated

Stockings by [Cynful]

Bracelets by Rotten Toe

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