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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Special...I am a Spice Girl

Lazy Sunday Special from Returned Karma
Today is a SUNDAY SPECIAL * echo * which means you get a version of an outfit you cannot get anyother time. This Sunday's version is a green pant color from the outfit called " Avex ". I like this outfit because mostly everything about the pants are primmed so you can take off things if they are not working for you and switch it up, I like that the bra is visible and their is no shirt backing so it is a bit sexy with still being sporty at the same time..I am MEL C from the spice girls...Naw not really but I feel it a bit...Or was that MEL B...I dont remember.

OH HI..I am wearing:::

Outfit by: Returned Karma
Hair by: Beautiful Dirty Rich
Shoes by: +DV8+
Necklace: Concrete Flowers
Skin by: Heartsick

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