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Monday, April 4, 2011

I have an addiction to anything but smoking.

"Keeping Balance". You never know when you might need to balance, anything really..check books, when a cop pulls you over and makes you do silly things, boredom.
Yes, boredom for when your car stalls because it happens, to the best of us. Right?

Anyways besides car trouble, I have this hair addiction and I do mention it alot but I will continue this rant. Magika has produced another hitter called " Sofia " and I had to buy it in a blonde pack because I am lacking longer hair in blonde shades. I have noticed that some features are starting to evolve a bit like now Magika is having lower and upper prims, so that the braid can have it's own part of the hairstyle. Not to mention the HUD is so much more eaiser then changing over and over for the perfect shade. Click Click Click Chew?..Done!

In my quest to find cowboy boots gone wrong, I stumbled upon Sn@tch because my dear friend Ivey who owns the store said she owned some cowboy boots cheap, which I grabby handed but decided on something more modern then the cowboy boots and went with old style fringe " Wild Thing" heels for 200L. That satisfied my hunger and instead of a cowboy hat, I have a smoking addiction. I blame anyone but myself for that. Maybe those bad boys at the bar.

One more good thing about this look is this unbeatable skin I have tried for the first time from the store .::BeautyCode::. with the dots and everything...took me awhile to get it right, since I am not good with the typography thing. The skin is called " Claire" in the shade Sunkissed//Natural and it DOES come with other make-up tones: Spring, Diva, Natural, Berry, Peach which I have not had a chance to wear around and shake my money maker's with yet, but I might. Hmmm where can I go?

If your staring at me like who is that...Check below:

Shoes by: Sn@tch 200L ” Wild Thing”

Skin by:.::BeautyCode::. ” Claire” Natural tone

Hair by: Magika ” Sofia ” In blonde (*NEW* )

Tanktop: KOSH Ribbed Corset Top

Shorts: D’Funk’D Designs ( Her profile is in..weird text I cant read shit on it )

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