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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MeeeOw Bird Zombies

Today I decided I show my impression of a tough woman, someone who is not afraid of being alone and she reminds me of Lara Croft...( only less Michael Jackson looking )

A brand new never before looked at belt by Returned Karma has wafted it's way in my direction for the upcoming hunt Zombie Killers, where the designers create ways or outfits to slam down the undead devils and rise to the top. This belt that was created specially for this event comes with everything a little tough girl would dream about including but not excluding: Grenades, rope, pouches of varities and little ankh emblems in the front. I will warn you this belt doesnt come in modify, so it is a fit or be fitted situation, but if your like me and have thick hips, you will be fine.

Stare into my eyes what do you see, hopefully you will forget how cross eyed I am to notice the Sorry.Asia Tribal makeup. This makeup comes in 3 different colors: Black White and Red and it's simplicity makes me excited and eager to see more in the future. Some reason when I stare at it, I feel exotic and catlike and have the urge to eat some salmon..Meeeeow!

Last but never least is the " Flock of Birds " tattoo that is going down my chest from KOSH, not only is it frontwards but if you turn around it is also on your back, so wearing that front covering but back showing shirt you love would still have that sexy tattooed art in the back. The tattoo comes in many layers and even comes in a darkness scale from dark to light.

MEEEOWWW..Here is what I am wearing

Tattoo:: KOSH

Skin: Cupcakes

Lingerine: +DV8+

Belt: Returned Karma

Hair: * RezIpsa Loc *

Makeup: Sorry.Asia

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