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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mouse vs. Chicky

Spring Hunt #44. {.:Exposeur:.}

Yes, I gave in to this " Spring Chicky " obsession and I did so with limited style and alot of goof.
While hunting I stopped by Intrigue.co ( who is also in the hunt list ) and picked up this mouse costume for 100L.
Now I am a giant mouse catching her chicky prey.
This Spring Chicky comes with a handful of cute poses for you and your small creature to play around with, or eat. ( depends on how you like your chicken. )
Shoulder Pet- Which includes no pose but a tiny chicky on your shoulder
Big Chicken- Which is a floor rezzed giant chicken for you to pose with.
Chicken Kisses- I do want to share some love for you chicken, mwah mwah mwah
Chicky On Your Head- Pretty self explaintory.
Nom the Chicky- I want to eat your face.
Play with Chicky- a tiny rezzable chicken, and a pose to sit with it.

All in all I love how cute the poses went with the silly costume...it is a mouse hunt chicken chase and the tables have turned..mwahahha..

Quack Quack This is What I am wearing.

Outfit by: Intrigue.co
Poses and Chicky's by: {.:Exposeur:.}
Skin by: JeSyLiLO

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