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Friday, July 27, 2012

Pirate Inspirational

In Love with Pirate Arts

There I said it..I am offically in love love with Pirate Arts...Not only do I look forward for those blogger boxes, but when I put them on I squee and run around for a good 10 minutes.

This skull dress I am wearing is mesh and comes in many sizes from petite to large and decorated with many many multicolored skulls which are an absolute love with me. 

Not to mention I am ever so crazy in love with these shoes they are pinup style and coolest part is they dont have a heel so I am walking on my tippy toes, like a professional. If only I could walk like that in RL.
Also in the Private Room I went to I grabbed this lipstick pack from Modish which comes in wacky fun colors like Banana, Pink, Violet, Cyan and Grass which I am currently wearing. Lately I have been on the look out for matte lipsticks with very little shine to them and Modish has made my colored dream come true with this set. ( Will use many in the future )

Liquid Honey also put out some inspirational notes for your face!..Paper Mouthies they call it..The one I am currently wearing is called " Just a girl " and the quote is " Im just a girl trying to find a place in this world "...There is some happy ones and some well not so happy ones..SO Yay something for everyone.


TATTOO: Liquid Honey
SHOES: PirateArts
GLASSES: Artilleri
RING: Concrete Flowers
EYES: By Snow
HAIR: Magika
SKIN: Al vulo
POSES: Pose Maniacs & Purple Poses

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