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Friday, August 3, 2012

Rotten Toe EXPLODING back on the market

 Rotten Toe REOPENS Today!!!.

 This is one of those moments in life where you wanna jump up and down and roll around in grass, one of my favorite stores IN THE SECONDLIFE WORLD..is reopening today. Rotten Toe is focused on Lolita/Grunge/Gore and every other genre of clothing you can think of: Fluffy/Cute/ Odd/ Amazing...Just pure sex basically.

Suspiria II Hair - Posing with mad pink - a fringed long beautiful mane...comes with SOOO many colors 5 to a pack. 
Locked Heart Necklace - A dark necklace with bars like a cage, inside a surprise awaits for you. The key to my heart.
Tea Party Dress - Posing in Pink - Comes in three colors Pink, Grey and Purple- The best part is their is awesome mesh parts available for those who loooovveeee mesh. Mesh shorts/corset they come in their own little boxes with many different sizes.

Over the weekend I am making Rotten Toe posts to celebrate their awesome opening over the weekend. I hope you enjoy.


Hair/Outfit/Necklace: Rotten Toe
Shoes: A&Y
Skin: Al Vulo
Rings: Leo-NT
Lipstick: KOSH

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