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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rotten Toe Grand Opening Part II

 Rotten Toe Grand Opening Part II 

& Aeva Skin Part I


I thought I would first mention this awesome skin I am wearing that is apart of the Vintage Fair 2012 going on right now. Aeva has many different skins to choose from and I am currently wearing Phoebe no 1. 
Phoebe comes in 5 different shades with many options from freckles, cleavage, and a boob bouncer...some other stuff but I dont want to give all the surprises away.. I love how well made the skin is and works well with this outfit I am wearing today.
Yes! More Rotten Toe clothes to show you and you thought I was done...psh Nope.
This time around I show you my sensitive side with this beautiful beauuuuttiiiful primmed " Beige Corset and Vintage Bodice ". Not only does it look so good but it shows off quite some leg, which never anybody. 

Also more Suspiria hair but this time I am wearing the pack without fringe and went a lot of blonde, hard to bleach out all that pink, you know? ( wearing Platinum ). I love the duel pigtail action and even when she moves they go crazy, crazy piggies wave.

Last thing to show off in today's blog wave is the " Double Pearl Necklace w/ Hand ". Ever wanted to keep your secret trophy's you collect on wild killing sprees? Well now you have a necklace with a hand on it, I love how fancy in details it with the pearls and the little ribbon attached to it. ( picture does no justice ) Comes in Pale, Rust or Tan...Look you can even choose the color of your little hand. How cool.


RING: Concrete Flowers
TEETH: [ soap ]
BRACELETS: { Violet Voltaire }
NECKLACE: Rotten Toe
HAIR: Rotten Toe
SKIN: Aeva
OUTFIT: Rotten Toe
POSES: Glitterati

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