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Monday, August 6, 2012

Rotten Toe Grand Opening Part III

 Rotten Toe Opening Part III

( Last day of Rotten Toe Opening blogs...I promise..heh )

 Before I go on about how awesome Rotten Toe's new clothes line up is I wanted to take this attention away to mention another Avea skin that is in the Vanity Fair 2012 called Jaci color no 2. It is a beautiful milky/tan skin with a dark lip color that will send all the boys to your yard. Comes with the awesome collection of goodies: Shape, Teeth, and Boobie bouncing action.

Rotten Toe outfit no 3 is also from her new collection in stores now called " Maggot Dress ", to be honest I have no idea why it is called that because the dress is so beautiful it reminds me of the " Like a virgin song " only with red added in places...yeah doesn't make sense it is alright Harley * sigh *.
This dress is primmed but in the right places so it doesn't look fake or over bearing, my favorite part is the skirt and how ripped and falling apart it is...part of the reason why me and Rotten Toe get along so well cause I love being in literally pieces.

I am not sure if these parts come with the dress because they came separately to me but their is also some accessories that match the outfit " Maggot Pearl Necklace and Ruff ". The Ruff comes in 3 different colors of red ( currently wearing Light Red ) and the Pearl necklace has little heart add ons to make it look super feminine and Cuuutttteee. 

A flashback item is this Vika hair which was one of the star items in her store, this time they are back out and revamped, I owned one in pink before the store closed and now I have a chance to get them all..WOO


SHOES: A&Y ( Obsessed with these boots )
RING: Concrete Flowers
MOUTH: [ soap ]
HAIR: Rotten Toe
OUTFIT: Rotten Toe
SKIN: Aeva

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