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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stained in Designer Clothes

Stained Clothing & Designer Circle #34

Stained Clothing has put out this cute shirt/dress of course I turn it into a dress with cute stockings underneath, the dress comes in multiple sizes and 3 different colors: Black, Blue and Pink..
My favorite part is the front it says " I am Fancy " with mustaches and other fancy things...I love love love fancy.
Another week of Designer Circle is upon us and here are some things I am wearing from this weekly event.
6-17th of August
Phoebe - From this beautifully named store ( I love the name Phoebe ), I took it upon myself to try her Flower rings, which some in vibrant pink's and blues. Of course I think one of my pink ones fell off while I was posing...*sad face*..but will later have more pictures of them. 60L
I also tried Phoebe's unisex piercings which I am afraid I didn't get the close up I wanted so again I will take more pictures in the future.. ( just a big mess up these past couple of days ), but they are super cute and only need a tiny bit of modding depending on your size, face, shape...you get it. 75L

I am starting to enjoy P.i.X.X.i.S dollarbie mesh bracelets, I have very little bracelets and notice most of my posts I am wearing the same old generic ones I got when I first started as a model in clothing about....3 years ago...So yeah that is a very long time...and happy to report these will be a very comfortable replacement. Comes in Navy and Black and Messshshhhhshshshsh. * spamz *


DRESS: Stained Clothing
BOW: Kennedys

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