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Friday, January 4, 2013

Sweetheart Zippers

LOL, totally did not notice the white parts in the bottom picture * hangs head *

SUGAR loves to spoil me too much and here is the 3 new things I have had the chance to blog for you today.
"Sweetheart Coat" ( Middle ) is a new outfit/coat that came out a few days ago and for her FB friends she was able to give away a couple for free. Of course because I think I am in love with her, I was able to get " Red Polka Dot ". It is mesh and comes in different colors and sizes and I totally look like that woman from 101 Dalmations..with style of course.

On the other two sides are another new release called " Zipper Dress " which I was able to blog in black and skully. The dress is also mesh and comes in an array of colors. It is form fitting and so so so so beautiful. I am in love, can you tell??


LIPSTICK: Headturners
MOUTH: [soap]
SUNDAE: Illusory
EYES: Step inSide
HAIR: Wasabi Pills
HEELS: Aris Aris
SKIN: Al Vulo
TATTOO: [trs]

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