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Friday, February 8, 2013

Studded Roxanne

I have been testing out new layout's for my pictures so bare with me ^_^ 

Today I woke up alittle later than I usually do and with this storm in full force it gave me a chance to pack and come up with this cute look that combines cute with a somewhat tom boyish flair. Enjoy!

JeSyLiLO - Ashq 
Happy Valentine's Day from JeSyLiLO. They have put out a couple new skins for this Feburary season and the one I am currently wearing is called " Ashq ". It comes with 3 makeup choices, a couple eyeliner choices and eyelash layers. 

Rotten Defiance - Rings 
Holy moley!! I got a sweet tooth just looking at all the goodies from Rotten Defiance, This store has come out with a collection of cakes, hearts, and cookies to put against your body and tempt you not to eat them! Maybe a nibble??. I am currently wearing the " white heart cookie w/ chocolate ". It comes with several different sweet delight options like: Sprinkles and Drizzle. 

Kennedy's - Studded Jean Shorts
Now forgive me but since I am between sizes I opted for the smaller of the two. The sad part about mesh bottoms :< so my pictures aren't really the best. Anyways I adore this new studded shorts by Kennedy's ever so much. So many studs * fangirls *.

{:ThirteenTH:} - Tights
Roxanne!! Oh how these tights are perfect for my collection, I love graphic, holed and just printed tights and they are absolutely wonderful and comes in a single pant layer, so layering is limited but simple non the less. 

Pick Up Here

Skin - JeSyLiLO *NEW*
Rings - Rotten Defiance *NEW*
Shorts - Kennedy's *Designer Circle*
Tights - {:ThirteenTH:} *Designer Circle*
Tattoo - [trs]
Makeup - Eyelure
Freckles - cheLLe
Undertank - Sn@tch
Teeth - Shine
Lipgloss - Eyelure
Hair - Ploom!