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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beatrix Bunny

This post is for all my dark diva's who read my blog. Today is a day where me and my close friend Ikea show you what it is like to live on the dark side. Of course I am a bit theatrical with my outfit of the day but a little drama is a good thing once in awhile. The only " new " stuff is featured on my outfit only but all the credits will be linked for both.Enjoy!
(Does she not look adorable ^_^ )

Corvus  - Lana skin
This new edition skin has me all hopped up in a love triangle. Of course this skin I am currently wearing is hiding under body mods by the same store, I will show it off better in the future, but as for now this full lipped beauty is being shelved into the " I love you forever skin " folder.

Oh how you make my heart so fluffy, This new release "Beatrix" is a mix between bondage and feathers..A weird combo but pretty fabulous nonetheless. Comes in colors Black, Blue, Brown, Purple and Red.

Beusy - O'Hare Mask
( Top picture ) This cute masks comes in two options, Pointed and Non. Which is a difference between gold spikes on your mask to not. Can be resized to fit any face size.

Last night was the first day I got all these goodies from Action Hair, this one was my favorite out of the bundle I gathered up called "Julia", it is in a bunch of different colors and the Huds are so easy to use that the combinations for this hair is epic. Comes with streaks, Hair colors, Hair color changer, and a bunch of other things you need to click to find out.

~ Beauty Info ~


Full Outfit - ++BlueBlood++ *New*
Hair - Action *New*
Skin - Corvus *New*
Bunny Mask - Beusy *New*
Body Mods - Corvus
Shoes - KaShOeY
Tail - Lemon Tea
Horns - Favole


Skin - *Leaugue* 
Scars and Makeup - Damned 
Crown - RO
Hair - Truth
Necklace - Kosh
Dress - Corvus
Tights - Q
Feet - *{Severed Garden}*