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Monday, February 11, 2013

Friendly Party

Hello, this blog I have lots of company with me. To see what my bestie is wearing check out her blog * she will blog it eventually *, and of course my friend Todd was just invited into the group for some manly company..

 Shoe Blox
1 & 2 - Loordes of London - Kainus Boots
Mesh boots, I am absolutely in love with it comes in Steel blue and Rose pink. It is avaliable for 40L at the Flawless Cart Sale.
3 - HollyHood - Rockstar Orange
This is another version of the black Rockstar boots previously posted a couple days ago. Beaut!.
4 - G*Field - Valentine's Booties 
These are avaliable as a group gift this Valentines Day. Make sure you get a pair because they are so gorgeous, I will definately show them off in another post.

Violent Seduction - Ears
This is a lucky board selection in the VS store and was able to get these super cute ears.

Focus Poses - Model Pack #124
All poses in this blog ( on me ) are from the pack #124. Comes with 9 poses.

Corvus - Scratched Tee
This awesome Tee comes in so many colors, but I personally love the scratched tee the best. It comes in many sizes and the blazer shirt combo is connected. 

JeSyLiLO - Lazy Sunday 
So I am alittle late with this skin mostly because I dont blog on weekends, but this skin is so beautiful and well made, I will let the pictures do the talking below.

~Beauty Info~
Skin - JeSyLiLO * Lazy Sunday * ( Over )
Tee - Corvus * Newbie *
Shoes - Loordes of London * Flawless Cart Sale *
Ears - Violent Seduction * Lucky Board *
Poses - Focus Poses * Model Pack 124 *
~Shoe Blox~
Top two - Loordes of London * Flawless Cart Sale *
Orange - HollyHood * Newbie *
Pink Booties - G*Field * Valentines Gift *
Shorts - [trs] 
Rings - Rotten Defiance 
Arrow Set - Pretty Liar
Necklace - Concrete Flowers 
Collar - Violent Seduction