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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dont forget to fly

Hello all, in the middle of a phone call right now to cancel my interwebs..such a sad day in the neighbor hood..but I am in the middle of a move...Yay for new beginnings...Anyways this is MY version of a cute steam punk look. 

Corvus - Skin
This new skin by Corvus is absolutely divine, with it's tired eyes and heavy makeup already included. I love her skins so much because they are not perfect..Most skins I see have perfect, flawless and no characteristics, but Corvus' skins have beauty like a story.

JeSyLiLO - Vest
Last week I got the opportunity to blog these awesome vests and since I have the sickly feeling I am behind, here is one of them now in brown. It comes as a whole shirt, in mesh and in many sizes. Not to mention it does come in some other colors from dark to light.

[Taketomi] - Hair
I bought another new hair from Taketomi the other day and I have to say it is one of my favorites, I recently found this hair place a couple months ago around when they first started this new shop and their hair is super cute. I got this one in Karafuru and I have to say it was a great buy, because I lv

Pure Poison - Steam Punk Spiked Glasses
I modded them and put them on my head but they make an awesome collection, I like putting things on my head.

Kennedy's - Leather Pants 
I had to blog these cute leather pants from Kennedy's they are mesh and comes in many sizes.

{Co*Motion} - Glamazon
All poses in this blog are from this awesome pack from CM. Comes in 5 poses. ( not apart of the top )

Beauty Info

Vest - JeSyLiLO *New*
Hair - [taketomi] *New*
Skin - Corvus *New*
Pants - Kennedy's * Designer Circle *
Sunglasses - PP * Designer Circle *
Poses - {Co*Motion} * Designer Circle *
Tattoo - Corvus
Eye Scar - Corvus 
Wings - AUX
Necklace - Concrete Flowers
Nails - Pretty Liar