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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cutie Love Armory

* New*
{Poptart} - Boots
These are the awesome Chibi Winged versions. These ones are pink and white faded, and may need some resizing. 

* Perfect Wardrobe *
LouLou&CO - Lingerie 
Each size has a different color I am guessing, so my waist is a medium which turns out to be pink and my top is a small which turns into purple. So this is the cute little army girl bunny.

Anatomy - Under bust Corset
So cute is this under bust corset, It is mesh and comes in many sizes and no one can be without this. I love the vibrant colors.

Beauty Info

Boots - {Poptart} * New*
Lingerie - LouLou&CO * Perfect Wardrobe *
Corset - Anatomy* Perfect Wardrobe *
Deer Spot - {Sugar Heart}
Deer Blush - {Sugar Heart}
Skin - Mother Goose
Stockings - ~silentsparrow~
Shoulder pads - Gizza
Antlers - +Half-Deer+
Hair - Ploom