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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


* New *
[trs] - Neck Tat
Comes in big and small sizes in different layers, I am starting to appreciate more neck tattoos since they are simple and draw attention to a certain parts of the body. Simplicity makes me happy, unless it is antlers then I load up on them ^_^.

{Poptart} - Boots 
I absolutely adore these boots, they come in two sets. Chibi wings which are the light side of things and Bat wings which are the darker colors. I am currently wearing the generic black bat winged ones. Will show off more in the future because this is a wonderful pair of shoes to have in your closet if your a kawaii cutie female.

(red)Mint - Hair
There is two new hairstyles at (red)mint that have been dubbed as Free!! Comes in so many colors listing them would take up the whole blog ^_^. I am currently wearing a color called " Amber Gold " in tips 04.

Another look at one of the cutie poptart rings that are avaliable at Perfect Wardrobe by Rotten Defiance. He has a mustache, how cute!! 

[Insatiable Fashions] - Winter Crops
I think this is a full outfit but I took the crop top from it since the desgin was absolutely awesome and fit me snug as a bug. Paired with a good terry cloth skirt and a studded belt, I feel sexy and school girlish at the same.

Beauty Info

Neck Tattoo - [trs] * New *
Boots - {Poptart} * New *
Ring - Rotten Defiance * Perfect Wardrobe *
Crop Top - [Insatiable Fashions] * The Black Market *
Hair - (r) * New *
Antlers - +Half-Deer+
Face Stars - [ni.ju]
Socks  ( wif pattern ) - amato
Cyan Socks - The Sugar Garden
Skirt -

Anything Else Ask!!