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Sunday, April 14, 2013

LOTSunday - Rebel Bunn

Happy Sunday everyone...I dont feel like typing much so I am sorry for my laziness. ^_^

JeSyLiLO - Skin
This is an awesome new skin with many makeup selections to choose from. Comes with liners, lip gloss and 3 different full makeup skins.

Action Hair - Debra
Revamped and brand spanking new. A new Hud is now available with new colors and new hair. 

DuckNipple - Thena Boots
I think I am in love with these boots, not only do they show a lovely Native American like style but comes with a color scripted Hud for endless possibilities. 

Luas - Cross Tights
Comes in colors: Red,Purple,Black,Green and Teal. Each color is also comes in stockings and under garment layer.

{dollle*} - Bunny Hoodie & Dot Skirt
Have you been to the Kawaii Fair yet? A place filled with my wildest dreams and happy bright colored clothing. In this magical place you will find these cute bunny hoodies, floppy ears and all. Comes in 4 colors as well as the skirts which are sold separately.

~Beauty Info~

Skin - JeSyLiLO *New*
Hair - Action *New*
Boots - DuckNipple *New*
Tights - Luas *New*
Hoodie - {dolllie*} *Kawaii Fair*
Skirt - {dollle*}*Kawaii Fair*