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Friday, April 12, 2013

Purple Honey

So today I ended up waking up too late, around 1pm...I am super excited to hear from Liam ^_^. Super Duper....Ahhh!! 

DuckNipple - Body Suit
This body suit is beautiful, absolutely beautiful it is a satin like material with a color scripting HUD and lots of possibilities. 

{Poptart} - Tutu & Sparkle Crown
I love tutu's if you have been following me from the beginning I always use to wear tutu's. So when I saw my friend Poptart making her own tutu style, lets just say I was over ecstatic  They come in many colors including: Black, White, Galaxy, Pink Dots and a couple that may be available at this years Kawaii Fair.

{Poptart} also has another gacha out with these fancy particle sparkle crowns and even has a super super rare one. Test your luck and try to capture them all.

{Sugar Heart} - Mixemup Bee Tights
Another tight set that everyone should get, have, own and love. Comes with 4 different floral pattern tights, bee knee patches, some prim bees, and oozing honey leggings ( currently wearing )

(TokiD) - Jacket
This is another stunning jacket called " Haru Jacket " in violet. This jacket just screams overly cute, and I never been into flowers much but this is wonderfully made and of course mesh.

^;^CaTwa^;^ - Hoshi
This is possibly the cutest hairstyle I have seen in a long while. It fits the mesh head perfectly and comes in a vast array of colors, but I bought the " Colours " pack which has more bright shadings.

~Beauty Info~

Bodysuit - Duck Nipple *New*
Tutu - {Poptart} *New*
Sparkle Crowns - {Poptart} *New*
Dripping Tights - {Sugar Heart} *New*
Jacket - (TokiD) *New*
Hair - ^;^CaTwA^;^ *New*
Tights - Razorblade Jacket
Bunny Ears - +Half-deer+
Shoes - Electraflesh
Scarf - FATEwear