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Friday, April 24, 2015

Gnome my friends?


*waves* Welcome to the Gnome Invasion. 
Yes recently I received a blogger pack from the talented [Geek.]  filled with many different gnome names, styles, and they were just so cute I could not pass up putting them together in what I would like to call various pattern Mori look. I realized I have more fun not matching my clothes than I do trying to find ways to match them. 

Unrelated to SL I have been working so hard in RL and due to a schedule switch ( which basically means my new boss puts me wherever she wants me to now ) I have trouble catching some deadlines that I cant make a solid look with ( Don't you fret I am trying my best! ). I am working hard in RL and SL so thank you for those who stick by me and sorry to those who I have failed. 

Back to the happy news, you will notice in the pictures I have two different hair looks going on and that I because I actually put two hair releases together, both from [Ayashi]: One a long, flowing, wavy hair and the other a short messy shoulder length. I put them together because I wanted the look to be fun and whimsical. Which is also proving with the [Ayashi] Hud all her hairs can be put the exact same manner to blend ^^ .....roll credits.

·.·• New-Venties •·.·

Hair 1 (Long style) :: [Ayashi] :: Selena Hair (Hudded) :: * Create Your Own Tarot *
Hair 2 (Short Style) :: [Ayashi] :: Tami Hair (Hudded):: * Black Fashion Fair *
Shoes:: EMPORIUM :: Miley Platform Sneakers (Hudded) :: *Store*
( I honestly think I missed this event, however check the store and pick them up )
Dress:: NS:: :: Mesh Sweater Dress (Hudded) :: * Limited Cheap Release *
( LIMITED TIME ONLY get this dress for 100L until April 30th )
Hat:: Pink Acid :: Cutie Wicker Hat :: * Wayward Hunt *
( There is also another prize of a holographic clutch, two for one! )
Seasonings (floor) :: O.M.E.N :: Noodle Shop ( Table Seasonings ) ( Gacha ):: *TAG GACHA*
Hand:: {Vespertine} :: Golden Hand ( Gacha ) :: * TAG GACHA *
Gnomes:: [Geek.] :: Hows it Gnoming? ( Gacha ):* TAG GACHA *
( Each one has a different name in different color combinations/styles I shall name the ones that I am currently posting in this post and include the Key below  ) 
Two on the floor::
Black Hat - Mustachio RARE
Blue Hat - Rodrigo RARE
Located on my body::
Dark Brown Hat - Boris ( Common 4 )
Green Hat- Schweppe ( Common 3 )
Yellow Hat - Sven ( Common 4 )
Light Brown Hat - Tem ( Common )

·.·•Dress Me Up•·.·

Collar:: .Atomic. :: Sweet Deer ( Mossy Fur Collar ) 
Ears:: Mandala :: Fantasy Elf 
Monocle :: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations :: Lullaby ( Gold ) 
Antlers:: +Half-Deer+ :: Mr Mousies Matching Antlers
Teeth:: SHINE :: Prim Teeth Human
( The staple to all my looks are prim teeth )
Eyes:: {S0NG} :: Adam ( Dark Brown ) 
Lipstick:: Pink Acid :: Hollywood Lip Shine ( Rose ) 
Makeup:: +Half-Deer+ :: Faun Face v.2
Freckles:: -UtopiaH- :: My Freckled Blush ( Light Freckles ) 
Blush:: {Sugar Heart} :: My Deer Blush 
Skin:: The Sugar Garden :: Luna ( B Tone ) 
Muffins:: Tentacio :: Making Muffins 
Stand Pose:: //Elephante Poses// :: Goddess of Love #2 & #3 
( However because of the Tentacio Muffin pan the hands were not posed ) 
Chair:: LISP :: Butterfly Admiral Chair ( 9Sits )


In the end of this my friend Lauren stopped by while I was taking pictures so while she was playing with the poses ------------- gnome decided to get comfortable within her dedicates..lol

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